Summer Goals

Dareen Elias

Summer is an active season to achieve goals people have planned to improve themselves.

Body image is always trending.

“This summer I want to start working out and eating healthy,” Stevenson sophomore Amanda Amir said. “I want to be confident in my body and not be insecure to wear certain things.”

With everyone being on their electronics every day, some people do not really experience summer to the fullest.

“I want to hang out with my friends this summer,” Ford sophomore Bella Murad said. “My goal is to not be on my phone as much. I also want to go out and do activities with my friends and family.”

Summer is a good time to try new hobbies and sports.

“I have a goal to improve my skills in soccer,” Eisenhower senior Angelo Asta said. “I want to get better at the sport before my season starts.”

Having more time to accomplish projects makes summer break an opportunity.

“Summer goals to me means I can have more time to start or build habits that I have been wanting to implement,” Stevenson algebra teacher Katrina Dedvukaj said. “Having well defined goals are always good to strive for.”