Memorial Day Celebrations

Dareen Elias

Memorial Day is honored once a year in remembrance of our military and loved ones and families and communities make big plans on this day. It is also a day where people can spend some quality time remembering and honoring their heroes.

The celebration is different for each family depending on what they enjoy.

“I am celebrating by going to the beach with my family,” Stevenson junior Bahjat Hammo said. “We will be spending some time together and taking in some sun.”

Some people like traveling during the holiday since it is an extended weekend for many people.

“This year, I will be going to California for Memorial Day weekend,” Ford sophomore Bella Murad said. “We usually do not travel much on Memorial Day, but the whole family is home and out of work and school, so we decided to go somewhere for a change.”

Even though Memorial Day is mostly known for outdoor activities, there are inside celebrations.

“My family decided to invite all of our family members over for a game night,” Eisenhower senior Maddison Rouse said. “We usually like to stay in for the holiday so we can spend some more quality time together as a family.”

A holiday of remembrance means something unique to each person.

“Memorial Day to me means taking time to remember the men and women who died serving our country in the military,” Stevenson algebra teacher Katrina Dedvukaj said. “They died serving a cause that was bigger than themselves for the greater good.”