Maryam Akram, Writer

This will be the second year celebrating the 4th of July with COVID and it still has its controversy regarding masks and gatherings.

Skipping celebrations on the 4th does not seem to be on the agenda.

“My nieces’ birthday is on 4th of July,” Stevenson sophomore Amanda Amir said.

“My sister decided to have it in her backyard and invite close family members only so that everyone can stay safe.”

Even with the pandemic, some traditions will continue.

“My family and I always buy fireworks and do a barbecue,” Ford sophomore Evan Aboona said. “We also always have our pool open in case anyone wants to swim.”

COVID has changed the holiday excitement this year for some families.

“I personally have always liked 4th of July because all my cousins get to come over,” Eisenhower junior Grace Bruck said. “However, due to COVID, my mother is being strict about this year and only wants it to be family, including only close cousins.”

There are families that will be doing things differently this year compared to past years.

“My family and I always go out for 4th of July because we stay home most of the time,” Anothony Smith, Ford finance teacher, said. “However, this year for 4th of July, we will be staying home for my family’s safety.”