Teenagers addiction

Klara Jamil, Writer

As teenagers grow, addictions they have grow with them. This affects their daily lives and prevents them from completing necessary daily tasks.

One of the biggest addictions among teenagers and even adults is constantly texting and facetiming others.

“My biggest addiction is spending too much time on my phone,” Ford junior Olha Mykhailiuk. “I cannot even spend a day without my phone. I am addicted to the point whenever I receive a notification or get a call, I immediately need to check what it is, who it is and reply fast.”

The thought of school and good grades has a huge effect on some teenagers. Some experience extreme stress due to needing everything to be “perfect.”

“I feel like my life revolves around having good grades more than anything,” Utica junior Sandra Yaldo said. “Sometimes, it gets out of hand, to the point I put my grades before my health, such as, my sleep schedule and nutrition. I try to cope by thinking of things that are less stressful. I put myself in a mindset where I know I can still be successful without having a certain grade.”

A common addiction multiple teenagers have is video games.

“The game that got me addicted was Fortnite,” Ford junior Bellamy David. “The game was rising to fame during 2018 and all my friends were playing it all day nonstop. The best part was spending a lot of money on the game I spend money on video games and buying cosmetics.”

As most teenagers grow up, their problems grow with them and avoiding them is more likely to occur. “I think the cause for most addictions are peer pressure and experiencing emotional stress,” Ford counselor Joseph Mathew said. “Teenagers, especially, want to be included in a group and feel like they are part of something. They feel the urge to find an emotional escape pain. Preventing addiction can be really hard, but being strong mentally and knowing it is important to be accepted for who you are. Finding something you enjoy can be a good outlet for anyone.”