Proudest Moments

Maggie Verbeeren

As the year is winding down, seniors are reflecting on their final year in high school and their proudest moments leading up to the end.

“Looking back at this past year has been surreal,” Eisenhower Miles Ortolan said. “I cannot believe how fast the year flew by and all of the great things I have achieved. Despite learning online, I stayed on task, did all of my assignments on time and stayed motivated through it all.”

Seniors have really outdone themselves this year with their accomplishments.

“My proudest moment this year would have to be seeing the short play that I wrote and directed being brought to life,” Stevenson Connor Dilworth said. “This has been a goal of mine since I first started doing theater, and so many people loved how it turned out.”

Regarding moving forward into college, seniors have worked hard to gain skills they can carry with them in the following years that they are proud of.

“The best thing that happened to me this year was being pushed out of my shell and working on my social skills,” Ford Kayla Patterson said. “I have gotten better with interaction, and I have made more friends to hang out with. I can carry this into college when I meet even more new people in my classes.”

Being proud of what they have achieved has also made seniors want to be remembered for all of the things they have done this year and the people they have become.

“I want to be remembered for getting the job done and doing it well,” Utica Julia Kavanagh said. “I put effort into my schoolwork, among other things, and ended up with good results.”

Teachers are also amazed with how well the students have taken on this year with staying online.

“I am most proud of the seniors for their determination,” Stevenson special services Andrea Pilatowski said. “It has been a long year and they really had to dig down and stay motivated at some of the worst times we have had to deal with.”

Overall, the seniors have done a good job pushing themselves to help them with whatever comes towards them in the future.

“The seniors have worked so incredibly hard this year,” Stevenson English teacher Yvonne Hopp said. “They are going to do great with whatever they decide to do in the future due to all that they have put in thus far.”