Moving forward with COVID-19

As progress is being made with the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been able to experience and learn new things since March 2020.

Many students have learned the value of face-to-face interactions.

“Some new things I have learned from the pandemic would be not to take things for granted,” Utica sophomore Angela Matthews said. “This is because simple things, like walking down the hallway in school, riding the bus, or seeing people’s facial expressions, were all things I did not think much of until I did not have them.”

Time off has given time to reflect.

“This pandemic has taught me patience,” Stevenson junior Sora Hrhor said. “It has made me realize that better things do happen, it will take time for them to get better, and we, as a community and as humanity, need to work together to make sure that these things do not affect us as much as they should.”

Students believe that both students and teachers should do their part to keep everyone safe.

“I have learned how to develop through uncertainty,” Stevenson junior Mariem Aboutaleb said. “With this pandemic, I cannot wait for it to end. Otherwise, I would have wasted an entire year by now. Optimism is key.”

Educators have done their best to keep things normal.

“Teachers and school staff have been tasked with a lot this year in terms of education expectations and public health,” Stevenson math teacher Katrina Dedvukaj said. “Teachers can still maintain their COVID practices in the classroom through the end of this school year.  Communities are going to have to work with teachers going forward to come up with the best solutions for students after this school year. Being an all-virtual teacher this year, my whole educational approach has been new.  I have spent lots of time doing what I can to adapt to virtual learning and provide quality instruction to my students.”