Michigan COVID Cases

Aniyah Moyet

Coronavirus cases continue to rise with Michigan having the highest in the nation.

The latest total according to New York Times (May 13, 2021) is 969,452 cases and 19,515 deaths in Michigan.

“I feel like it is ridiculous that we have the most COVID cases, but I am not surprised,” Ford Junior Jaieah Jones said. “I think everyone needs to take the situation more seriously and protect themselves and others we care for.”

Despite the rise in cases, Michigan residents are getting vaccinated. According to the Detroit Free Press, “Michigan hits new COVID-19 vaccine milestone: 50% of residents have at least one dose,” by Kristen Jordan Shamus (May 4), “Michigan hit a new milestone Monday in the race to end the COVID-19 pandemic: 50% of residents age 16 and older- about 4 million people- have gotten at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.”

“I think we should have stricter guidelines,” Stevenson senior Vasiliki-Kleio Zografi said. “People should have obeyed the regulations. I personally do not want these cases to affect my future plans, but if people continue disregarding regulations, then I think everyone’s future plans will be disrupted. More people should also get vaccinated to minimize the impact of COVID.”

Governor Gretchen Whitmer did not put Michigan under full lockdown again due to resistance from the Republican legislation.

“I think the rise in cases is in direct correlation with Governor Whitmer’s COVID regulations,” Stevenson senior Austin Wolff said. “Once they were forced to become less severe, Michigan had a huge spike in cases.  I think widespread vaccine and stricter regulations from before it got this bad would have been beneficial.”

It has been reported by the CDC that if a person is double vaccinated, they are no longer required to wear a mask outside or inside.

“I am very surprised that Michigan has the highest COVID numbers,” Ford Algebra teacher Susan Wilt said. “When I am out and about, almost everyone is abiding by the regulations and wearing masks. I have been vaccinated, so that gives me some comfort.  I am still cautious and wear my mask everywhere. I keep my hands washed and sanitized at all times. I think the more people that are vaccinated, the better Michigan COVID cases will be.”