Summertime Fun

Mina Hirmiz

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming. It is time for some summer fun. The activities are endless. Hanging out by the beach, going hiking or maybe just staying home.

New activities can make summer interesting.

“I am planning on getting a job to earn money,” Eisenhower sophomore Vianna Dunn said. “I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends. I also hope to read more books and get more involved with the environment.”

Last summer could not really be enjoyed as usual due to COVID-19. Teens are ready to get out and travel.

“I am excited to hang out with friends because I feel I have been home for so long,” Stevenson sophomore Leefia Seeba said. “I would love to go to Mexico or California because I have not been there, and it sounds like a lot of fun. I hope to achieve driving and learning to swim.”

New adventures are about facing fears and doing something new.

“I feel like this summer is different, mainly because of the fact that it does not feel the same,” Utica Junior Taylor Vance said. “If COVID allows, I would like to finally ride that slingshot ride at Cedar Point. I have always been scared to try it out.”

Summer sports could play a big role.

“I am hoping this summer will be different because last summer was overshadowed a bit by COVID,” Eisenhower English teacher Holly Garrish said. “I am hoping there will be more freedom and less fear. Activities I have not tried are wide-open. I will try almost anything at least once, I would like to try more golfing. I am very active. I run and play basketball with my son. I will definitely be outdoors. I love summer, especially in the mornings.”