Looking Forward to a New School Year

Anna Saputo

No matter what grade students may be going into, finding something to look forward to in the next school year is applied to all.

For some people, attending college can have more of a personal significance than most would think.

“Since as long as I can remember, I have wanted to attend a college or university because I would like to further my education to the highest extent,” Stevenson senior Amanda Young said. “There was a time when Blacks were prohibited or strongly discouraged from learning, especially women that were not allowed to attend school. As an African American female, I feel as if I have an obligation to my ancestors, myself, my family and my community to take full advantage of the opportunity to attend college and receive the highest level of education possible. This is so important to me because I recognize that my ancestors did not always have this opportunity.”

The importance of achieving higher levels of academia effects what kind of life and future students want to make for themselves.

“The purpose for students to go to college is to prepare for a career that requires additional education,” Utica counselor Annemarie Carabelli said. “It is also good for advancement in a job. My hope for students to achieve after high school is to fulfill their goals and dreams. A piece of advice to students moving ahead in their schooling is to take advantage of the opportunities given to you. Learn what you can from others as well as your own mistakes. Each day brings a new lesson and awareness. Enjoy your life.”

Keeping an open mind and setting goals effects what the future might bring.

“I am looking forward to making the next step toward graduating,” Eisenhower sophomore Leah DeGrace said. “My goals for the remaining years of high school would be first, to put all of my effort into school and get the highest grades I can. Second, to take some college classes and excel in those courses. Then, finally, learn as much as I can about the medical field before I go to college.”

Advancing towards a higher grade means having more responsibilities.

“I will be going into 12th grade next year, and what I am looking forward to the most is coming back in person,” Ford junior Kemora Bridgewater said. “I am hoping to be enrolled in the school-to-work program and work for a medical internship. My remaining goals of the 2020-2021 school year are to finish the year off strong. I can achieve this by staying determined and not procrastinating.”

Planning ahead for an ambitious academic future is personally upheld for some students.

“Next year, I am looking forward to meeting new people and to further my educational profession,” Ford sophomore Joshua Kuruvilla said. “I am hoping to take medical science so I can grasp some experience in the medical field. My goals are to get all A’s, especially in my MST classes. Furthermore, I will achieve these goals by working hard, practicing and studying for upcoming tests every day.”

Applying positivity affects how one views the world and the impact an individual can make in it.

“After high school, I will be heading off to Michigan State University where I will be majoring in computer science,” Ford senior, Patrick Oleksik said. “In college, I am mostly excited about learning in my major and making new friends. Looking ahead, I hope to achieve the goals of happiness and wealth. I will achieve these through working hard and living life to the fullest. I can make a successful life for myself by working hard and loving life. I will always remember to never take things for granted.”