Future Goals

Iqra Shakeel

The Class of 2021 is about to go off into their future and , they are planning five- and 10-year goals while enjoying a little independence as they move forward.

“I feel excited to have more autonomy,” Utica grad Renee Cilluffo said. “I am ready to see new people and environments, but I am weary about the responsibilities to come.”

Nerves are hyped with all the new possibilities.

“I feel pretty intimidated when I think about how close I am to graduating high school and becoming an adult,” Eisenhower grad Isabella Goolsby said. “I am glad to graduate since I feel like I have been in school for so long, but the responsibilities of becoming an adult seem so daunting and confusing.”

Within the next five years, seniors have plans to pursue personal dreams.

“Five years from now, I plan on exiting college with a good degree, ready to start working while becoming financially stable and living on my own,” Eisenhower grad Dayton Long said. “I plan on attending Michigan State University to study mechanical engineering. I will be able to earn $70,000 out of college and close to $100,000 with a few years of working.”

Within 10 years, seniors have set higher goals for themselves.

“I want to work as a character designer and a concept artist in a major TV, film or game studio,” Stevenson grad Aidan Dupke said. “I plan on going through networking and continued practice.”

Counselors suggest that seniors should plan things out for their own benefit.

“Find a system of organization that works for you and stick with it,” Ford counselor Gregory Jesko said. “It can be extremely different for everybody, but try not to procrastinate too much and plan things out in the simplest way possible.”