High School Memoires

Klara Jamil, Writer

As the end of the school year approaches, the Class of 2021 has the chance to reflect on their favorite unforgettable high school memoires from the last four years.

From the school dances to just being with their friends, memories and good times were made.

“Last year’s Homecoming was the best part of high school,” Ford senior Trezeta Galaq said. “My girlfriends and I had a blast. When we arrived, all of our problems were left at the door. We laughed and danced the whole night untill our feet were numb.”

Students have so many teachers throughout their school career, but one or two always stand out.

“My favorite memory would be getting [sociology teacher] Margaret Mazuchowski,” Eisenhower senior Colley Cecilia said. “She is really caring and knows how to teach her students well. I really enjoyed being able to have her for two of my classes. She is one of those positive imprints in my life.”

Projects done in classes can be memorable and set up future careers.

“My favorite memory was fixing my 1961 Bel Air,” Ford senior Anothony Albisai said. “Bel Air is an old car model. Because I have owned this car for about 10 years and it sat in pieces in my garage for five years, I was finally excited to fix it.

Not only were memories made, but so were lifetime friends.

“My favorite memory was during junior year in yearbook class,” Stevenson senior Allison Helsel said. “Yearbook class was always my favorite room to be in. I met some of my favorite friends in that class. We had crunch nights where we would order pizza and just hang out. These are lifetime memories that I will look back on and miss as I grow up.”