Mother’s Day

Samantha Messina

Mother’s Day is the designated time of year to give thanks to mothers and show them some extra love and appreciation.

“My mom is so important to me,” Ford sophomore Julia Williams said. “She always helps me with anything I may be struggling with and she always takes care of me. I remember when I was little, she took me to a water park and there was a really big slide there. I was scared to go on it, but my mom convinced me I would be alright and helped me through it. It is one of my favorite memories with her.”

As Mother’s Day approaches, students reminisce about past memories with their mothers.

“My favorite memory of my mother is when I went bouldering for three hours in Red Rock Canyon with my dad and brother,” Eisenhower junior Logan Arche said. “We told my mom that it would only take a few minutes to climb over the hill, even though we knew it would take a long time. She ended up having to wait for us for hours in the scorching desert, but luckily, she forgave us. She always supports me in everything I do and she is such a kind person.”

This Hallmark holiday is a great opportunity to show parents the positive impacts they have had on their children.

“My mom has taught me lessons that nobody else could,” Utica senior Kanika Mohan said. “She teaches me to be kind to everybody and always be strong. She has shown me that everything happens for a reason and that life keeps going no matter what.”

No matter how much time passes, the love between a mother and her child can be a strong bond.

“My mom is one of the most amazing people anyone has ever known,” Utica Math teacher Tammy Hillard said. “She is a friend to everyone and would gladly give you the shirt off her back. Even at 81 years old, she still inspires me. Having her as my mom and best friend has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.”