April 24th 

Aubree Owens, Editor-In-Chief

     The month of April is dedicated to sexual assault awareness this year it was jaded by a group of six men on the social media app TikTok. These men tried to declare April 24 National Rape Day. This shows how social media can be taken advantage of in a negative light and the toxic masculinity that is still apparent in America. 

     According to the ABC article, “Calls for action rise after disturbing TikTok ‘April 24 National Rape Day’” (April 19) by Arielle Harrison, “Utah Democrat Austin Searle is among those calling on TikTok to do something and fast… Searle, who is looking to unseat Sen. Mike Lee next year, tweeted, ‘A group of users started a ‘Nation Rape Day’ trend on TikTok that declared this will be taking place on April 24. This is outrageous and forbidden. What is #TikTok going to do about this? 

     As a company that has millions of people on their app, something needs to be done with TikTok regarding these posts. With limited guidelines on social media apps, and how quickly posts spread on the internet, it is important that as a company there is a way to prevent these posts. With viable threats being made and no repercussions, it allows people to continue to keep on with the same behavior. This threat now instils fear into women during a month dedicated to sexual assault victims.  

     According to a Fox News Article, “TikTok users warn about disturbing April 24 trend” (April 19), by John Lynch, “It’s unclear where the April 24 trend originated or why, but according to TrendTimes, six men promoted ‘National Rape Day’ against women, and it has gone viral on different platforms. Some users suggest the trend may be a disturbing joke, but many still advised caution.” 

     There is already a whole month dedicated to sexual assault victims, which means there were enough predators to make too many individuals victims. Even if April 24 was meant to be a joke by those men who created it, there will be people that take it seriously. In today’s society, women proceed with caution around men and this threat explains why.  

     What was stated on TikTok about April 24, joke or not, rape is nothing to be taken lightly. The use of social media to spread such a toxic thought is something that needs to be controlled. Women should be able to feel safe any day of the year without being fearful of such a terrible act happening. The threats made will be something that women have to keep in mind out of fear for their own safety.