Memorial Day Meaning

Jack Barkkari

With Memorial Day approaching, society reflects on what the holiday and symbols this country represent.

“The flag represents what our country went through to get to the place we are at today,” Eisenhower sophomore Leah DeGrace said, “To me, I see it as unity.”

Things like the National Anthem and the American Flag represent the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness the Constitution represents.

“The lives of people that have been lost or the kids being in cages are what I think of when thinking of the anthem and flag,” Stevenson Sophomore Taliah Moore said, “But, I am thankful for the military. Without them, almost everyone would be dead.”

Established American holidays mean different things to different people.

“I do not think American holidays like Memorial Day have a bright future,” Stevenson sophomore Angelo Rayes said. “It is a big trend right now to not be proud that you are an American, and it is a trend to hate America. I understand racism, but a lot of people do not understand how it is in other countries.”

Reflection is considered an important factor about Memorial Day.

“My hope for the legacy of the holiday is that people pause for a moment and actually acknowledge the reason we have the holiday,” Stevenson counselor and veteran Charles Nassar said. “Unfortunately, I do not think many people fully understand the celebration should be secondary to the acknowledgement.”