Remembering the Best Spring Break Trips

Markayla Jackson, Writer

Spring Break is a time to indulge in relaxation after weeks of work and responsibility. While going on exciting and new vacations, remembering the previous ways spring break was spent is a dose of worthy nostalgia.

Visiting family after time apart in order to take part in fun activities together can make the most out of a trip.

“My 2016 trip to Pennsylvania is probably the most memorable because I was able to see a lot of my family for the first time in years,” Ford sophomore Mathew Kiehler said. “We swam at the cabin we stayed at in Wallenpaupack, played lots of board games and ate good food. It was a great trip.”

Stepping out of the U.S. makes for enjoying fun on foreign ground.

“My best spring break was seeing my cousins in Ontario, Canada back in 2016,” Stevenson sophomore Kayla Pickens said. “We went hiking and played music. I think seeing the family and spending time with them are the most important parts of a trip.”

For some, the destination is the highlight of a traveling experience.

“The best spring break trip I have ever taken was going to Orlando, Florida in 2019,” Stevenson sophomore Andrew Poles said. “I went to Universal Studios, water parks and Disney World. I think what would have made the trip even better is if we went to Disney Springs and Epcot because I heard both of those places are pretty fun.”

Exploring the world is not something everyone has the chance to do, which makes the opportunity to finally do so feel extremely special.

“My best spring break trip was going on a Disney Cruise about six years ago,” Ford Social Studies teacher Christiana Versele said. “I was really grateful that I could take my family on such a nice trip and watch their smiles every day. It was so nice to dress up and enjoy a nice dinner every night, take walks on the beach and just spend time together as a family. Not every family has the opportunity to travel, and I am always so thankful that I can provide those opportunities for my children.”