Are things going back to normal?

Maryam Akram , Writer

As the new year is progressing, life is slowly showing signs of going back to normal in Michigan. However, the pandemic is not over, and people must still maintain protocols by wearing their masks in public, as well as following the six feet social distancing rule. Yet, not all states are under the same restrictions.

Florida schools and business, as well as amusement parks and restaurants, have been open for business and education since September 2020.

“Michigan has strict rules and many places still have not opened up,” Ford junior Joey Khorka said. “However, in Florida a lot of things are already going back to normal.”

In Michigan, if people do not wear a mask outside, inside stores and in crowded places, they get fined $500.

“Getting fined $500 for not wearing a mask is a little too much.” Stevenson sophomore Amanda Amir said. “People should be fined no more than $250. This price, at least, people can work with to pay off.”

Some people want less strict rules like Florida.

“Some of Michigan rules are understandable like having to wear a mask,” Utica junior Taylor Vance said. “However, one of the Michigan rules are no big gatherings. This is not needed since we are all family, but we all follow that rule.”

Even though Michigan does not have the same laws as other states, change appears to be happening through Gov. Whitmer’s less strict orders and there is hope for getting life back to normal.

“Hopefully, this means we are heading in the right direction,” Ford social studies teacher Frank Persichino said. “I would love to go to Cedar Point this year. It is nice to see there might be some light at end of the tunnel.”