NASA Lands A Rover on Mars  

Alberto Vasquez

     Making history in space travel, NASA landed the Perseverance rover on Mars on Feb 18. 

      According to the NASA website, the Mars 2020 mission launched a rover nearly 300 million miles from Earth last July 2020While the Perseverance rover is on Mars, it will try to find signs of ancient life and collect samples of rock and regolith (broken rock and soil). 

     “I think we should explore other planets so we know more about our galaxy,” Eisenhower sophomore Martina Yossif said. “I think NASA will try to terraform (transform a planet to resemble Earth) Mars in the future.”  

     Living on Mars could be in the future. 

     “I think NASA is going to see if Mars could become a habitable planet for life,” Eisenhower junior Rhianna Ruzza said. “Exploring it will help us learn new things.   

     The Mars project could help improve space exploration.  

     “I think NASA is going to use the rover to help them explore Mars,” Utica sophomore Lana Gamoura said. I think exploring other planets will help our space exploration in the future. 

     NASA experts hope to figure out more about the galaxy from the Mars studies. 

     “I think they are trying to see if life was on Mars in the past and if life is possible now,” Stevenson Biology teacher JoesphBungart said. “It could also give us insight in how our own planet was created.”