Spring and Summer 2021 Fashion

Markayla Jackson, Writer

Different fashion trends come and go as the upcoming seasons bring contrasting weather and debate. The 2021 fashion season is no exception.

Some of the official styles present for spring and summer will consist of pastel colors, bomber jackets and sheer fabric, not drifting far from previous trends for this time of year.

“Of course, these styles would pop up again,” Eisenhower fine arts teacher Jennifer Ramirez said. “They were popular during the 80, as well. In one way or another, fashion always repeats itself. Fashion is a ‘sign of the time’ and fashion reflects the attitudes and beliefs of society. I do not think Covid-19 will slow down the progression of fashion. I think it simply helps evolve the same as anything.”

Even in the rut the world is experiencing, the fashion cycle continues.

“Because of COVID, we literally got cottagecore out of that,” Ford senior Fabian Shedenhelm said. “That feeling of want and escapism brought us to trends and cultures just like that. In my opinion, TikTok influences our pop culture, such as fashion, the most.  We get our modern core aesthetics and academia from it. It allows us to follow those trends because the most focus of the public eye resides there.”

While some feel TikTok is a strong influence, other students think other social media platforms can be just as informative.

“A lot of influencers are on Instagram,” Stevenson sophomore Megan Griffin said. “They show good places to buy clothes and what is in season. I think light color pastels would be great with more flowy clothes. Jean jackets might look good in the spring. Maybe some nice Vans.”

Clothes that are in season can be bought from places recommended from Instagram influencers.

“The colors, material and length all play a part in what will be worn at a certain time and why it is being worn,” Eisenhower sophomore Ameiah Jackson said. “When it comes to spring and summer, shorter, brighter and thinner outfits will and should make an appearance, resulting in a natural trend for any year. Hopefully, 2021 will bring us refreshing trends that can remind us of the years prior and mirror the years to come. It makes me wonder how clothes will evolve for us this time.”