U.S Border Reopening

In what is considered arguably a crisis of epic propositions, the U.S. borders are once again opening to illegal immigrants while many schools remain closed or virtual.

“I think it is a positive thing to let in undocumented immigrants because they get a chance at a better life,” Stevenson junior Stephanie Pirau said. “However, the border should not be open yet legally because of the pandemic, which could spread more COVID potentially.”

Students desire schools to open with safety precautions.

“I think reopening borders legally should not be a problem as long as we follow COVID protocols,” Stevenson junior Sarah Tappo said. “Undocumented immigrants coming to the U.S. is good since they have better opportunities and could get a chance to get vaccinated. Not opening schools could be a problem for staff members and students because it is a huge change that happened unexpectedly. Millions of people have already gotten vaccinated and immigrants could also get the chance so this pandemic could soon die out so we can have our so-called ‘normal lives’ back.”

Illegal border crossings have authorities concerned about the spread of COVID-19.

“I think that in regards to the borders opening before schools is that travel to the U.S. should still be regulated,” Stevenson junior Olivia Daniels. “As long as it is done in a way that is not unnecessarily targeting certain countries in the way that the first COVID travel ban was done. I do not think schools should be any more open than they are right now because the vaccine is still being distributed and kids still need a chance to get the vaccine. I personally believe in open borders because no person is illegal on stolen land, but I think we should not have our borders open to any travel, immigration or otherwise, unless it is absolutely necessary. The country needs to get COVID under control.”

Legal border entry with restrictions seems fair to most.

“Opening the borders should depend on the level of disease in other countries,” Stevenson History teacher Christina Versele said. “We need to make sure that we are limiting the spread of disease. I am in favor of testing people who are entering the U.S. from other countries so we can open the borders. I do think schools should reopen if we are following COVID-19 protocols that keep us safe.  There is no substitute for in-person learning.”