Easter Celebrations

Dareen Elias

Easter is celebrated in many ways depending on what Easter means to different families.

Many people celebrate Easter by doing the original Easter traditions the holiday is known for.

“On Easter day, we do an Easter egg hunt, mostly for the little kids so they can have fun,” Stevenson sophomore Amanda Amir said. “Even though the Easter egg hunt is mostly for the kids, everyone else enjoys it because we are spending time together.”

Easter was during the lockdown last year, so this year has more memory for those who missed out in 2020.

“This Easter I will be celebrating with my friends because my family will be out of town,” Ford sophomore Evan Daao said. “I will miss being with my family, but I know I will have fun with my friends.”

With travel restrictions easing up, driving long distance is inviting to those tired of being home.

“This Easter, I will see family members that I have not seen in a year,” Eisenhower senior Angelo Asta said. “I appreciate Easter celebrations because I get to see family members that do not live close by.”

Easter to a Christian usually honors Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross.

“As a Catholic, Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” Stevenson algebra teacher Katrina Dedvukaj said. “Easter represents renewal after a season of personal sacrifice.”