Covid-19 Guidelines

Mina Hirmiz

Pandemic guidelines have been in effect for almost a year and it is no surprise that Michiganders are getting weary. As summer is starting to approach, people are ready to go out and do more, but not everyone may be prepared to follow regulations.

Despite vaccinations, guidelines still exist.

“I will be following COVID-19 guidelines as summer gets closer,” Ford sophomore Samiha Chowdhury said. “The virus might not be gone at that point and it is good to stay cautious to keep everyone safe. I do not think COVID-19 will be worse than last year. I believe last year was way worse because there were a lot of unknowns, which made it terrifying and caused a lot of anxiety. At that time, we did not fully understand the virus, the vaccine was being created, we would be able to leave our homes, and if there was a cure for it. Now, we understand what the virus is and have multiple vaccines that are currently being distributed. Also, I have seen that many people are now able to see loved ones they have not seen since the beginning of the pandemic thanks to the vaccine.”

Stores and restaurants could close again if things get out of hand and people do not follow safe steps.

“I think that following the guidelines is still good idea to follow during the summer,” Utica sophomore Ivona Boskovic said. “We could all be put in another lock down at any time, so it is best if everyone still takes responsibility for themselves and continues to stay safe during these tough times. I think that public places and outdoor activities will start to close again if people become more laid back with the procedures and stop following them. If everyone stops doing their part, there will be consequences that some people will not necessarily like.”

With warm weather coming, being cautious could make or break summer fun.

“Following guidelines through the summer is still a good idea,” Stevenson sophomore Alana Beji said. “People will be outside since the weather would be better, which means COVID-19 could possibly spread more. It is better to keep staying safe than not.  I believe restaurants and open areas will not close up again unless COVID-19 cases start to rise. As long as people are wearing their masks in public and making sure to stay safe, then they should stay open. I would not be completely fine with places opening with no more rules unless it means we do not have to worry about COVID-19 as much as we used to. I would rather stay safer for the time being.”

This year protocol has been reasonable, but it might change due to unfortunate circumstances.

“Unfortunately, we have already witnessed an unwillingness among many to follow the guidelines,” Stevenson health medical teacher Susan Rawling said. “So, I do not believe enough people will follow them to prevent unnecessary illness and death. The current protocol for business and mask wearing should continue through the summer until the U.S. population reaches 75-80 percent vaccination of all adults. Unfortunately, teens under 16 cannot yet be vaccinated, so it will require a majority of those 16 and over to get vaccinated to reach a level where transmission no longer becomes an issue. Of course, the protocol should be more open. People should be outside with family or others who are vaccinated. Summer allows plenty of opportunity to go without masks. It will make the need to continue with masks indoors easier to bear. But indoors, among others who may not be vaccinated, yes, mask up.”