A Year in Quarantine

Chloe Wolfe

As the first anniversary of quarantine passes, so do reflections of a year lost and strength found.

“At first, I thought it was nice to get a little break from the stress,” Stevenson sophomore Zoey Lawrence said.  “However, as the shutdown kept extending, it just became more depressing than anything else.”

For many students, quarantine was a break from school and other sources of stress.

“My favorite part of the COVID shutdown was staying home all day and doing nothing,” Utica senior Xavier Green said.  “It was relieving to not have to work or go to school every day.”

Others have felt their perception of the quarantine change over time.

“At first, I kind of hated quarantine,” Ford junior Liam LeBlanc said.  “The idea of sitting inside every day without seeing people was foreign to me, and I did not like it.  As I started to get used to it, however, I have come to enjoy the shutdown.  How could I not enjoy being at home?  I have become much more relaxed doing my schoolwork at home, and sometimes I feel like I am not even in school.  So, I suppose that I enjoy it for the time being, but I am not sure how long that will last.”

Some of the safety precautions may stay in place for years to come.

“My hope is that we can hold school in person next year without masks, yet maintaining as much social distancing as possible,” Utica and Eisenhower medical science teacher Jill Bologna said.  “I think the new frequent cleaning procedures, and even the remote week after Spring Break are good practices for us to keep in place to mitigate the spread of common colds and flu, as well as COVID.  With that being said, I am glad the district plans to offer the Virtual Academy option for next year, as well, for those who feel safer with that option.”