Favorite Online Spring Shops

     Spring arriving gives students another reason to shop at their favorite online stores. Online spring shopping is something teens enjoy doing, especially during social distancing times.

Being budget conscious is important to teens without a steady paycheck.

“I do not shop much, but when I do, I shop from Amazon,” Utica sophomore Taylor Leonard said. “They have a good variety of good items to purchase from. I also think Shein is a good place since it is very affordable.”

Supporting small businesses helps recovery from the lockdowns.

“My favorite online shops are small shops on Etsy,” Utica sophomore Skylar Barrons said. “I like these shops because I like to support small businesses and shop owners. One of my favorites on Etsy is called Southbaysalts. They have so many items that I am interested in for low prices. Some new shops I would like to start shopping at are two shops on Etsy. One of them is called Funkyjewelers and the other HippieSunJewelry. Both owners of the shops make super affordable, cute and fun jewelry that I am really interested in.”

Other students want to expand their online shop choices.

“My favorite online shop is Shein,” Utica sophomore Karmon Kattoula said. “It always has so many discount codes and you can get a bunch of clothes for so cheap. I would also like to start shopping at Fashion Nova because a lot of people have recommended this online shop and say the quality of clothes is very good.”

Teen shoppers grow into adults.

“My current favorite online shop is Etsy,” Stevenson Algebra teacher Katrina Dedvukaj. “I can visit a lot of independent shops each selling unique items.  Some of the best gifts I have gotten for others have come from there.”