March Madness Predictions

Jack Barkkari

Tournament basketball arrives with spring and many people across the country have their own predictions of who will win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

“Teams that have stood out in past years are: Duke, Villanova, North Carolina and Michigan State,” Jim Barker, Michigan Hall of Fame High School Basketball Coach from Ford, said. “This year, some teams that I expect might make it to the final four include Gonzaga and Oregon.”

Local fans have favorites.

“My favorite college basketball team is the Michigan Wolverines,” Ford sophomore Daniah Ramel said. “I hope they win it all.”

Michigan’s #1-seeded ranking is part of the confidence in them.

“U of M is going to win it all,” Stevenson senior Anas Sameer said. “They are the top-rated team.”

College teams beyond Michigan’s border are popular, as well.

“My favorite basketball teams are Ohio State and Colorado,” Stevenson sophomore Taliah Moore said. “Defense will probably be needed most to win games this year.”

Playing the brackets are a tradition for many fans as the NCAA tournament arrives, and there is more than just that when it comes to excitement, especially since there was no March Madness last year due to the pandemic.

“I have filled out multiple brackets to have a better chance to win some money,” Stevenson senior Gilberto Lazar said. “I think Creighton will win it all.”