Easter Traditions in a Pandemic

Samantha Messina

While students prepare for their favorite Easter traditions, there is the question on how the pandemic will affect celebrations this year, considering Thanksgiving and Christmas were in lockdown.

“My favorite traditions for Easter are going to church and going through the whole Lent season to go to Easter Vigil at my church,” Stevenson sophomore Emily Sakorafos said. “Due to COVID-19, Easter Vigil at my church was cancelled last year. This year, there is a limited amount of people allowed. It is upsetting because we may not even be able to have our usual family celebration until the pandemic is over.”

Most families have been affected by the pandemic.

“My favorite Easter tradition is an egg hunt,” Eisenhower Art teacher Jennifer Ramirez said. “We always organize one indoor egg hunt for my own kids and then another outdoor egg hunt for my kids, nieces, nephews and friends from the neighborhood. The kids love it and the parents have a great time hiding the eggs. Since we have to social distance now, we can only do only the indoor egg hunt. I am hoping things are back to normal in 2022.”

Some Easter traditions are being changed this year in order to make sure that everyone remains safe.

“My favorite Easter tradition is the usual lunch we do with my family,” Eisenhower senior Morgan Pankiewicz said. “It is my favorite because it is just fun to hang out with my cousins that I do not get to see very often. We are moving the lunch outside this year to make it safer, but I am just as excited for Easter this year as I am every other year.”

While some people are able to adjust their celebrations this year, others are not as lucky.

“My Grandma’s dinner is my favorite Easter tradition,” Ford freshman Mayer Taylor said. “She makes a ton of food and my favorite is her homemade lasagna that she only makes for Easter. Even though my grandma got the vaccine, COVID-19 is still a risk for her. In order to not put her, or my other family members in jeopardy, we are going to stay home this year.”