Kids Nine and Under Should Not Have Electronics

Aniyah Moyet

As technology advances throughout the world, younger kids have started to get electronics. A few years back it used to be that kids got an electronic when they became a teenager. Now, it is in elementary school. Kids age nine and under should not have any access to electronics.

Older generations like to tell stories that going outside was consider the best part of their childhood. It is sad seeing the newer generations having less interaction with the outdoors. Outside, the streets and sidewalks are not as full of young children. Growing up, kids used to be outside until dark.

Today, the newer generations are always on social media. Even toddlers have begun to learn how to operate and use electronics to play games and watch their favorite shows.

According to the CNN article, “More screen time for toddlers is tied to poorer development a few years later, study says,” by Jacqueline Howard (January 28, 2019), “Among toddlers, spending a lot of time staring at screens is linked with poorer performance on developmental screening tests later in childhood.”

Children do need to learn technology because it is the way and future of the world. However, kids need to be able to go out and enjoy their youth. Technology may be the future, but children have a whole life ahead of them and will be able to get the chance to engage with technology at the proper time. For example, if they get a job in programming or information security, they will then need to learn and engage with technology.

In addition, being on screen for a long period of time is not healthy. It can cause eyesight damage, sleep disorders and depression. Children ages nine and under are very impressionable and take things to heart. They could be affected negatively by something someone said to them or something they watched another person do. Some older kids do not take caution when younger kids are around and could cyberbully them into self-harm.

According to the Fox News article, “Smartphones really are dangerous for our kids,” by Dr. Marc Siegel (January 13, 2018), “A study recently released by Florida State University showed a strong correlation between suicidal thinking and cellphone use, with those who used electronic devices for more than five hours per day showing close to a 50 percent incidence of at least one suicidal behavior.”

Kids nine and under should enjoy the outdoors and not have an electronic. It can affect them negatively in the long run. Children have plenty of time to be on electronics when their older, but for now, they should just enjoy growing up.