Michigan’s Secretary of State Kiosk’s 

Aubree Owens, Editor-In-Chief

     In the ever changing world of technology, Michigan’s Secretary of State office has been developing a kiosk machine the last two years that allows citizens to renew their licenses and car plates. With it now being implemented in local grocery stores around the state, drivers can shop for food along with licenses and registration. 

     While time is a pro, trust is a con. 

     “I would much rather trust a person than a machine,” Stevenson junior Devyn Hardwick said. “With a machine, there are many more ways for someone to have to access to your personal information. However, it is a lot easier forcing a machine to do something than forcing a personI believe, overall, it is a good idea if we can find ways to defend against hackers and criminals. It could greatly decrease waiting times and make everyone’s lives a little bit easier.”  

     Not having to book an appointment months in advance is a major benefit of the kiosk. 

     “When I went to Secretary of State, the waiting time was, of course, rather long,” Ford senior Caroline Kumiega said. I got my license just recently, but had to set up an appointment months before until I actually got it in January. I have not yet had to get my license renewed, though, but one of my family members has had to set up an appointment in April for renewal. So again, being able to do this more quickly and on your own seems like a better option.” 

     Other students primarily like the idea of not being stuck at the SOS. 

     “I think it would help in a timely manner because instead of waiting a few hours at the Secretary of State’s office, you can do it relatively quickly,” Eisenhower junior Lia Ison said. I think it makes renewing your license less of a hassle.” 

     Adults are also excited for this change. After years of dealing with the SOS, they are ready for a new option. 

     “I think this is an excellent and exciting idea for renewals,” remote parent ReneRenner mother of Stevenson senior Mandy Renner said. “The longest I have waited at the Secretary of State was three hours. It was boring and not how I wanted to spend my day. I am excited for renewals to no longer be an all-day process.