Spring Season Excitement

Jack Barkkari

As spring approaches, Utica Community Schools students and teachers look forward to warmer weather and healthier change with ambitious plans.

“During break, I have plans to start my business,” Ford sophomore Selena Younis said. “I want to start my own brand with my partner. We are currently in DECA, studying and learning everything we can about business. We put the business aside for a while to focus mainly on our project for DECA.”

Spring can be about growth; spiritually, mentally and physically.

“I think spring is unique because plants start to bloom and animals start to come out of hibernation,” Stevenson sophomore Gabriella Camovic said. “What excites me most about Spring is the warm weather starting and no more cold weather.”

After a cold winter and pandemic lockdown, spring activities can start being planned.

“Spring is a definite sign that summer is around the corner,” Stevenson counselor Charles Nassar said.   “What excites me most is the increased opportunity to get outside and do things, like hiking, running, biking, fishing and kayaking.”

Students are eager to escape the winter weather, especially since it also has special significance this year.

“Winter is my least favorite season and I do not miss anything about it when it is over,” Utica sophomore Dunya Eilia said. “I feel like COVID-19 is going to be frustrating at times in the spring, but I feel like we can get through it.”