Musical Mindsets

Anna Saputo

No matter what the day and age, music has always been a way where people can be inspired and transported by its captivating sound.

“Music is a huge part of my life,” Utica junior Mary Borus said. “I enjoy listening to music while doing homework since it helps me focus and unwind after a long day of classes. The lyrics in a song make me feel empowered. I like to listen to more upbeat music so the lyrics boost my level of productivity. I also enjoy performing music as an alto saxophonist, which is something I plan to pursue as a career in the future.”

The sensation of music can help to mentally and emotionally aid those who may need it most.

“I definitely notice a difference in myself after listening to music,” Stevenson senior Emma Bowen said. “Some music motivates me and some make me feel less stressed. I do not know what I would do without music.”

Music can bring meaning and positive fulfillment, especially during difficult times.

“Music plays a massive role in my life,” Eisenhower senior Erik Smith said. “I listen to it whenever I work, when I am bored, when I need to focus and whenever I just need some jam time. I actively compose music, both for fun and for video game soundtracks. I also utilize music as a form of expression. The past year or so has been rough on everyone, myself included, and music definitely has helped to ease some stress. The songs I was listening to at the time were ‘Takin’ Care of Business,’Take On Me’ and ‘Lovely Day.’  The themes to these songs were about working hard, finding love and finding joy in life.”

The influences of music can be enlightening and eye-opening to appreciate even more of what life has to offer.

“Music is very important in life,” parent of junior Mary Borus and private music teacher Emily Borus said. “It is beauty through sound. I notice through my work as an instructor for clarinet, saxophone and flute that students feel much better after listening and performing music. It can transport you from your everyday stress to another time, place or situation. In working with students, I try to help them make correlations in the music with their everyday lives. By doing this, you can understand yourself and your situation a bit more clearly. While we can see and touch beautiful things, it is such a unique experience to hear and let our brains be immersed in sounds. These sounds in music come in all varieties and genres that make it beautiful and engaging. Additionally, music is a language that we all can connect with each other, no matter where we live or what our backgrounds may be. Music is essential in my life and brings me fulfillment, especially through performing my musical instruments.”