Artistic Expression

Mina Hirmiz

Art has always been a way of expressing self, so many artists can accomplish many things by using their imagination and creative thinking.

One way for an artist to put their art out there is publishing it.

“I have always been fond of the idea of trying to showcase the beauty of life on Earth that God provides us with, and I think photography is the best way for me to do that,” Ford senior Margaret Dobry said. “My [art] teacher, Dr. [Lisa] Grunewald told me about the competition last year and I got in. So, this year, I tried my luck again and it worked out. Art has made an enormous impact on my life. It has taught me to look at the finer details and the true, natural beauty of life.”

There are different types of art that artists can accomplish, such as photography, painting, sculpting and drawing.

“Art has given me a way to express myself and show others the way I see the world which I love,” Ford senior Savannah Salisbury said. “My main art style is black and white photography because it seems to bring out the most emotion. I have been doing all kinds of art my whole life. Art has always been a big passion in my family and mine is photography.”

Art can be challenging to beginning artists.

“Art is a very vulnerable subject matter,” Dr. Grunewald said. “People are very self-conscious about their work and sharing with others sometimes. I think people are worried about what others are going to think about their artwork. Because of this, people do not give art a chance. Art is another language for people to communicate with. It is great tool for students to express themselves and to communicate to others. Creating art helps people develop skills and broadens a person’s thinking to multitask in so many ways.”

The definition of art is not exact.

“Typically, my style of art is realism, but it can vary from piece to piece,” Stevenson senior Olivia Beckman said.” “A way I describe art is limitless. Art can be whatever you make it. There are no rules or boundaries for what you can and cannot do. Art has become an outlet for me. It is a great feeling being able to create something out of nothing.”

Art can be inspirational and challenging.

“I am inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s work, as well as Frida Kahlo’s,” Stevenson senior Alexandra Koenders said. “I work often with gouache and charcoal. Gouache is difficult because you have to be cautious with how much water you put into the paint. Charcoal is difficult because it can be hard to go back in and change something that I have already done. Art has affected me greatly because it influenced my career path in a great way.”