Childhood Valentine’s Day

Mina Hirmiz

With February 14 right around the corner, people are partaking in holiday-filled activities that they loved as a child, including making crafts for their loved ones, while enjoying sweet treats.

Elementary school started creative gifts for family and friends.

“When I was younger, my elementary school would do something special for Valentine’s Day every year,” said Henry Ford sophomore Amelia Griggs said. “One year, we got little wood mailboxes and decorated them however we wanted to, while our classmates filled them up with candy and personalized items. I would always read the cards that my friends wrote me and I would get so happy.”

Traditions carry on through the years.

“When I was little, we used to decorate things like shoe boxes and bring them to school,” Henry Ford sophomore Christina Carvalho said. “People could put candy and cards with nice messages on them. I remember getting sour candies and chips. They were so good.”

Memories can bring a smile.

“As an elementary school student, I always enjoyed making our Valentine’s Day card boxes in art class.” English teacher Susan Edgar said. “I remember going to Kmart to get my box of Valentines. I wanted to pick the best ones, with cats or Snoopy on them. My brother, sister and I would set up the kitchen table for writing out our cards. Then we sealed them up, put them in order, friends on top, rubber band together, and done. I still give cards on Valentine’s Day, usually with cats or Snoopy on them.”