Do People Consider Valentine’s Day A Holiday?

Aniyah Moyet

Valentine’s Day is the heart holiday celebrated by friends and lovers, and just Feb. 14 for those who consider it just another day.

“I do consider Valentine’s Day a holiday because holidays are about celebration and February 14th celebrates love,” Eisenhower sophomore Max Pagel said. “My favorite part is the pleasant vibe I get because people like to be happy. I like to get the seasonal candy and other products like that.”

Valentine’s Day is another day for the average non-celebrator.

“I personally do not consider Valentine’s Day a holiday because it has never been something I celebrated.” Stevenson junior Angelina Toma said. “I definitely used to enjoy Valentine’s Day more so as a child attending elementary school when we would just pass out candy, play games and have fun the entire day.”

February 14 is honoring love for those in between.

“I feel that Valentine’s Day is a celebration, not a holiday,” Stevenson English teacher Susan Edgar said. “Holidays recognize specific significant events or people and Valentine’s Day does not fit that criteria, in my opinion. My favorite part is the excessive emphasis on chocolate. It is one of the only days when endlessly eating chocolate is encouraged.”