Loved Ones

Samantha Messina

Valentine’s Day is the unofficial holiday of the year for everyone to show appreciation for those they love.

“I love my cousin because we have always been very close and she feels like a sister to me,” Utica junior Sydney Bely said. “Every summer, my whole family goes up north to Caseville and we always have so much fun together.”

This holiday allows others to share their affection with the people who are most important to them.

“Aside from my husband and daughter, someone else that I love is my mother,” Stevenson English teacher Angel Favazza said. “She is important to me because she is irreplaceable, and the love between a mother and child is unique and everlasting. Her love, support and strength helped shape me into the person I am today. I am forever grateful for her unconditional love and never-ending sacrifices.”

Along with family, friends are also shown appreciation from their peers.

“I love my friend Ashley [Dionne, Eisenhower senior] because we have been through so many things together,” Eisenhower senior Maddison Rouse said. “We always act like idiots when we are together. We have made so many fun memories.”

Even furry friends are being shown the love this year.

“I love my dog, Charlie,” Stevenson senior Megan Geyer said. “He is three years old and my favorite memory of him is the day that he came home. My parents left me alone with my brother for the first time. When they came home, he was so small that I thought my mom was holding a stuffed animal until he moved. He was the perfect Easter present.”