A Super Different Super Bowl

Maryam Akram , Writer

The Super Bowl that has been played for the past 54 years, but this year there was a limit of only 25,000 people allowed in Raymond James Stadium, Feb. 7 to watch Tom Brady when his record setting seventh ring with his new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This left room for more at home partying.

Every year, football fans plan something for the Super Bowl with friends and family. This year more people chose to stay home to stay safe during the pandemic, even though bars were opened to limited capacity.

“I watched the Super Bowl from home with family, and we ordered pizza and made appetizers,” Utica sophomore Jaydon Hannosh said. “My family and I wanted to stay safe.”

The stadium at full capacity during the pandemic would have caused much controversy, so only a limited number were approved.

“I think it is a smart decision that they limited the amount of people that could go to the game,” Stevenson senior Carly King said. “My family and I watched the game with our cousins like we have been doing for the past year, It would probably be a lot of work to keep things moving if the whole stadium had been full.”

People have always had Super Bowl parties at home, but with COVID hitting, gatherings looked different to keep safety first.

“I have always watched the Super Bowl from home with family and friends, so this year was no different than the past years,” Henry Ford sophomore Evan Aboona said. “However, having to have a small amount of people come over made it boring, but we tried to make the best out of it.”

Despite the pandemic, it was the Super Bowl.

“I had a few people over for the Super Bowl as I do each year.” Stevenson teacher physical education Ryan Reason said. “We did a big spread of wings subs and other sorts of appetizers. As for precautions, the people that I had over consisted of people that I am around all the time, so I did  not taking any precautions when it comes to our Super Bowl party.”