The Perfect Valentine’s Day 

Aubree Owens, Editor-In-Chief

     As the month of love comes around yet again, people start to imagine what their perfect Valentine’s Day would be like. Everyone has that one thing that would without a doubt make their day special. 

     For some it is not the gift or the proposal itself, but the place they go that would make the night perfect. 

     “I would want to go somewhere high up, like a roof top, Eisenhower sophomore Mrisella Gjekaj said. “Then, when we got to the roof top, it would be decorated by my Valentine and we would eat dinner. I would wear a really nice outfit and makeup, and make sure I had a gift for him.” 

     Some selflessly focus on what their Valentine would want to make sure their night was just right. 

     “I would take my Valentine to all of their favorite places and get them their favorite food,” Stevenson senior Arric Miles said. “The best way to make sure someone has a memorable night is to do everything they love with someone they care about.” 

     While some like to go big, others just want something small to know they are appreciated. 

     “My perfect Valentine’s Day date would be us inside watching our favorite movies and just enjoying each other’s company,” Utica junior Maycie said. “All I would want for a gift is something handmade with lots of love and thought put into it.” 

     Celebrating year after year makes for some memorable Valentine’s Day’s. 

     “I have experienced my perfect Valentine’s Day,” Virtual Academy parent Samir Lazar said. My and my wife’s anniversary is a couple of days after Valentine’s Day. I decided to surprise her. I bought her flowers and some Middle Eastern sweets. We went on a stroll downtown, had dinner and went on a walk by a river. It was a beautiful night.”