The Georgia Election  

Alberto Vasquez

     In a race that gave Democrats control of the three branches of government, Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won the Georgia senator runoff race switching Georgia from red to blue. Without the majority, Republicans are worried they can not keep the left in check.  

      “I think it is good that Congress is mostly Democrat because Democrats care about all people,” Eisenhower sophomore Gianna Alherr said. “All Republicans are focused on is money and themselves.” 

     Before the election, the senators in Georgia were both from the Republican party. 

     “I do not think it is fair that all of Congress is Democrat,” Eisenhower sophomore Mya Scholten said. “Biden will be able to pass any law without being stopped.” 

     States that have two senators of the same party leave little voice for the opposite side. 

   “I think it is fair for states to have senators of the same party if they are voted on by their peers” Eisenhower junior Leonardo Delfine said.   

     Not everyone is upset Democrats have the majority in Congress.

     “I think the senators will change what they can in the federal government,” Stevenson social study’s teacher Jeffery Lopo said.” If people want to be represented by senators of the same party, then that is the will of the majority of that state.”