Valentine’s Day Gifts

Maggie Verbeeren

With Valentine’s Day coming up, people are taking on the task of buying and or making gifts for their significant others.

A quick visit to a clothes or jewelry store yields much to choose from.

“I plan on just buying gifts for my girlfriend because she has been wanting some things for a while that I can’t make,” Eisenhower sophomore Maximillion VanDenBrouck said. “I am planning on buying her Lululemon leggings and chocolates.”

Handmade crafts offer sentimentality.

“I personally like making gifts more than I like buying them,” Stevenson junior Halley Capizzo said. “I can make it personal and add my own special touches. I usually hand-make cards and write letters.”

The thought of giving gifts excites people, especially those who are spending their first ever Valentine’s Day with their special someone.

“This is my first year celebrating with my girlfriend, so I want to make this day really special by spoiling her with all of her favorite things,” Stevenson junior Anthony Beers said. “I am going to buy her chocolates and take her on a shopping spree.”

To make the occasion extra special, some have surprises in store.

“I plan on surprising my husband on this day to make it special,” Gabriela Pirau, mother of Stevenson junior Stephanie Pirau, said. “I would like to have dinner ready by the time he comes home from work, and then later, I want to treat him to a movie night.”

With love in the minds of those who are celebrating, it can be exciting to exchange and receive gifts while having a great time spending the day with their partner.

“I love the idea of celebrating my love for those who are special to me, especially my boyfriend,” Capizzo said. “I can’t wait to spend the day with him and have a great time.”