Showing Appreciation

Dareen Elias


For those who enjoy Valentine’s Day, it is important to be, with the ones they love the most. This Hallmark holiday is the one day in the year set aside for people to show their appreciation for their significant other.

Giving and receiving gifts or setting up a special day can really show the love.

“On Valentine’s Day, I love mostly getting chocolates and flowers, I never really cared about actual gifts,” Stevenson sophomore Jisika Al-Saedi said. “This year my boyfriend and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day without any gifts because we realized we do not need to get each other gifts to show our love.”

Making someone feel special can make a memorable day.

“I do like the idea of Valentine’s Day because I think it is a good day to remind people to take time out of their lives to do something sweet for their significant other,” Utica senior Kaity Gailey said. “This year, I am not planning anything special because of the virus, but I will put on a movie and get snacks for me and my significant other.”

While some couples enjoy going out for Valentine’s Day, others just prefer to stay home and spend some alone time.

“I prefer to stay in for Valentine’s Day because I get to spend more time with my significant other,” Henry Ford sophomore Evan Daao said. “This year, I am going to stay in again but with my family this time.

The meaning of Valentine’s Day is important to many people because the joy symbolizes love, but not everyone buys into the hype.

“Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday meant to make money off people,” Stevenson honors English teacher Michael MacLeod said. “It is about unrealistic expectations of romantic love manufactured by Hollywood. If you care about someone, you show them that every day, not just once a year. So, my wife and I will not be doing much on Valentine’s Day.”