Women Inspiration

     For the first time, the United States has a woman Vice President, and for the first time a woman of color. Kamala Harris is an inspiration to some, especially women of color, to get into politics and hopefully seek change.

Harris as vice-president has the spotlight.

“I am happy Kamala Harris is providing an inspiration towards little girls,” said Utica sophomore Janna Salera. “She is letting them know that the possibilities are not limited, but are endless. I think this would have a large impact and gain the interest of more women joining politics. Kamala led me to dig more into the climate crisis we are facing and made me more aware of what the environment is going through.”

As young women begin to think about their futures and careers, seeing a woman Vice President might inspire many to decide on taking this path later in life.

“Kamala Harris inspires me to hold on to my dreams,” said Utica sophomore Lauryn Mangenje. “Harris inspires me to stay updated in politics and always be educated along with being in a male dominated career.”

Throughout, the years more and more women have been entering the political arena, and this helps put the power of women into perspective.

“As our current age has become more modern and open-minded, women have begun to rise to power,” Stevenson junior Doreen Namou said. “It sends a powerful message to not only little girls, but women across the globe. It inspires woman to strive to achieve more. A woman vice president should be seen just as a man as vice president.”

Harris has helped open doors.

“Having a daughter myself, I am glad that she will grow up in a world where it is normal to see women in places of power,” said U.S. Government teacher Lucas Lisa. “It is important for young women to see people that look like them in positions that they hope to have, showing them it is possible. Politics for the most part has consisted of older, white men.  The fact that it is changing at all levels of our government provides an example to all young people.  They are now more representative of the people they represent.”