The Need for Acceptance of Tattoos

Aubree Owens, Editor-In-Chief

Tattoos have been considered unprofessional for years. The new generation sees no issue in tattoos or how ink can reflect an individual’s intelligence. 

 Tattoos are a work of art that aids in a person expressing themselves. Although covering up tattoos at the workplace has been conditioned to feel as if is a part of their dress code. 

According to The Crimson White article, Tattoos aren’t unprofessional (November 1, 2018) by Caroline Margle, a Bachelor holder in news media and public relations, “Tattoos are simply a design to represent something significant in one’s life, which in the end, does not change their work ethic or ability to complete tasks that their job requires. 

An individual having a tattoo does not reflect on their intelligence. It is no different than someone having an evident and distracting scar on an area of their body that could be covered up with clothing. If scars have the same impact that tattoos do but do not have to be covered up, tattoos do not need to be covered up in the workplace. 

Margle also writes, “Although there are different standards, dress codes, and rules between blue collar professions and office jobs, visible tattoos do not affect the work that is completed within either field.” 

If some professions have accepted that tattoos are just as much a part of a person as their personality isother professions should too. It may be 2021, but as a society, people cannot help but judge people by their appearance. The sooner people can accept that everyone has a different way of expressing themselves and the way they choose to do so does not automatically deem them unprofessional, the sooner more people can be happy in their own skin.  

According to Tattoo Industry Statistics: Is the Tattoo Industry Growing? by Marine Agency, an insurance company founded in New York City, (2019) The tattoo industry has been increasing by nearly 10 percent every year for more than a decade now.  

With the amount of people getting tattoos only increasing, if there is not a change made with rules set on what employees are and are not allowed to do with their own bodies, the number of workers able to apply for jobs will only continue to lessen.  

As children, students are told to express themselves and be who they want to be. However, the discrimination and stereotypes that are intertwined with tattoos prevents many from being who they are and doing what they truly want to do.