Working Teenagers

Dareen Elias

Teenagers having jobs at such a young age can be very stressful at times causing teens to become overwhelmed with everything going on in their lives. Teens should not have a job in high school.

Jobs teach students time management. However, a job also takes time away from school and social interactions.

“Having a job can be time consuming when you have to also take care of schoolwork,” Ford sophomore Evan Daao said. “But, my job as a Taco Bell cashier is flexible, so I can fit it in whenever it is best for me during the school year.”

Students do not have as much time with family and friends when they are working up to 24 hours a week.

“Ever since I got a job as a courtesy clerk at Kroger, I have not seen my friends in a long time and I do not get to spend a lot of time with my family,” Stevenson sophomore Tyler White said. “I do not have any time to have fun or any time for myself.”

Working comes with interacting with new people. Those not comfortable with interpersonal situations may have to learn to make adjustments.

“It has always been hard for me to talk to new people, but when having a job as a Screamers Ice Cream cashier for 24 hours a week, I have to end up learning how to get over my fear,” Eisenhower senior Bianca Candela said. “Having a job has given me a valuable experience on how to interact with customers.”

At some point, most everyone will end up having to get a job. When taking on the responsibility, it helps to figure out the balance between school, home and a job.

“Making money is great, but you have to manage your time appropriately,” Stevenson algebra teacher Katrina Dedvukaj said. “Be really honest with yourself on what your priorities are so you can plan accordingly.”