Covid-19 Winter Blues

Jack Barkkari

With COVID-19 still running strong, and the new year coming along with it, the combination can be very frustrating for many students now that the later winter months are here. Add a global pandemic, and this wintertime can be even more difficult for students.

“The winter months are usually very stressful for me,” Utica sophomore Megan Higley said. “During the winter and leading into spring, I am starting to prepare for my AP Tests and traveling for gymnastics meets, which gives me almost no time to relax and give myself a break.”

Passing through the winter blues calls for creative ideas.

“I am planning on pursuing my coding hobbies, and CAD designing more,” Utica sophomore Satchit Kulkarni said. “I am also going to try and spend time with family and do puzzles or other engaging activities.”

Counselors have suggestions for student activities.

“I think it is important for kids to stay as active as they can during this time,” Ford counselor Matthew Joseph said. “It will help that they will be coming to school even if it is only once a week. “Students need to get outside and talk or walk, play in the snow, walk around partridge creek or do other activities that do not require their phone or computer.  It is important to get away from technology for a time as most of their day is linked to the computer or phone.”