Making 2021 A Memorable Senior Year

Anna Saputo

While seniors have been adjusting to their unique last year of high school, finding ways to make it memorable has required tapping into imagination. The senior Class of 2021 may be forever known for making history in the virtual and online world, but even a global pandemic cannot stop seniors from finding memorable alternatives.

“I feel that I am doing really well this school year by still making friends and just doing things to make this insane year workable for me,” Stevenson senior Kristin Snyder said. “What I hope to accomplish by the end of the year is to work to better myself and continue to feel happy and content with my decisions. What I have been doing to make my senior year memorable is just enjoying the little moments with my family and friends and trying to attempt something new every day.”

While still braving through the pandemic, the value of the final year of high school is no different.

“Senior year is ideally important,” Utica senior Aliyah Rutkowski said. “In order to make my senior year memorable this year, I have been trying my best to keep in contact with my close friends online and getting in touch with them to work on assignments together. Sometimes, my friends and I will sit in the car and have lunch, walk around the park or stay in my car and just reconnect with each other. However, I have had more on my mind, such as working and keeping myself and my family safe and healthy. We have missed a lot this year as seniors, so I am just grateful for the online class experiences and that everyone is staying healthy. My main goal for my senior year is to make fun memories and take my best friends along into the next journey of our lives.”

With school interactions and activities being cancelled, the preservation of personal well-being was enforced by some for this unusual senior year.

“When I heard all activities in the school were cancelled, I felt sad,” Utica senior Nick Marki said. “But, then I remembered that it is all for the greater good and that sacrificing a few fun things for a temporary cause will be better for us all in the future. This year is extremely important to me. I have to take this year, especially, very serious and try extra hard to maintain my grades as well as my mental health.”

Parents expressed their hopes seniors will accomplish by the end of the year, as well as what memories they can make to embrace their lives from that moment on.

“I hope that even when times, culture and society are completely uncertain or even understood, seniors will come away with self-confidence to pursue their dreams,” Margaret Snyder, Stevenson parent of senior Kristin Snyder, said. “The ability to adapt to change is a hard life skill. I hope that seniors will be able to filter the noise of life to find the truth, adapt to change and take control of their life to lead them wherever their joy is.”