Fame or Riches?

Aubree Owens, Editor-In-Chief

As a generation growing up and looking up to many famous and rich celebrities and entrepreneursit is easy to wonder what it would be like to have fame and money 

Being rich, and not necessarily well known, comes with the advantage of being out of the public eye and is more appealing for those who do not like the limelight. 

“Being rich, I could still live my life the way I want, the only difference being I would have more money,” Utica senior Kaitlyn Mariek said. “I would not want to be famous because I like keeping my private life private. I love wearing sweats all day every day, so the paparazzi would not be my friend.” 

Celebrities deal with having thousands of people watching their every move and looking up to them. Depending on the person, the thought can be terrifying or liberating. 

“I would rather be famous because more people would look up to me,” Stevenson junior Synthia Yalda said. I feel as though I would be a good role model to peopleI admire J Cole because of how well he handles his fame. He does not let it change him. That is how I would want to be.” 

Some students do not want to be rich for themselves, but for their family.  

“Being rich means I could get the things I need,” Ford sophomore Julia Williams said. “I would probably use my money to get better things for the house and even give some to my parents.” 

Even adults imagine the consequences of living the high life.  

“Being famous would be rough with having to be under the spotlight all of the time and having people watch your every move,” Eisenhower filmmaking teacher Josephine Braun said. “If I was rich, I would be able to hide it, help other people and take better care of myself. With my current job, I feel rich in different ways. I am serving a purpose and I get to help many kids every year.”