Changes to the Big Screen

Samantha Messina

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan movie theaters have not been allowed to sell concessions and masks must be worn at all times since Dec. 21, making the movie experience for film lovers not as enjoyable as it could be.

“I do not mind wearing a mask because it is better to be safe,” Stevenson sophomore Lilian Kena said. “But, I feel like the food and drinks play a part in enjoying the movie, so it is not as fun. Even with these rules, I still want to go to the movies because I am still able to enjoy the movie with a mask on despite no snacks or drinks.”

Taking away the concessions has had a big effect on customers willingness to see a movie.

“If other places of business are open with food available, then I do not see why you cannot have food in a movie theater,” Eisenhower English teacher Holly Garrish said. “You are farther away from others in a movie theater than in many other venues. I personally love the movies. A large part of the experience is the food, in my opinion, so I will not be going to the movies unless the concessions are open.”

While these restrictions were put in place to ensure everyone’s safety until at least Feb. 1, there is still disappointment over the changes in the movie experience.

“I feel that wearing masks during the movie may be difficult, but I think that if wearing them increases safety and limits the COVID-19 spread, then it is necessary in order to keep the theaters open,” Eisenhower senior Kelsey McLean said. “It stinks that there are no concessions during the movie because a lot of people go to the movies for the full experience. I am bummed that there are no concessions.”