Christmas Quarantine

Dareen Elias

Christmas Day this year may not be the same because of the pandemic, so this will be the first quarantine Christmas.

Normal holiday routines and traditions might look different.

“The lockdown is affecting us in pushing back family reunions to later dates,” Utica senior Elliott Benjamin said. “My plans will still be visiting my grandparents. However, there will be an extra layer of protection just in case.”

Christmas shopping is not going to look like other years.

“With a quarantine taking place, I have not been able to get out and do the shopping I have been wanting to,” Stevenson junior Casey Palmer said. “I have been doing online shopping since I am not able to go out to the store due to safety reasons.”

People go to Christmas events every year, but this year, many are cancelled.

“I will not be able to go see this year’s Christmas light show I have been looking forward to,” Henry Ford sophomore Evan Daao said. “Due to the quarantine, [my plans were cancelled.]”

Doing something new this year for Christmas may create new traditions.

“I have found myself donating to different charities more so then I have in prior years,” Stevenson U.S. history co-teacher Bob Cantu said. “I always like to give back when I can, but this year, I have found myself doing this more so at times. I know there are many that need it every year, let alone at the end of a pandemic year.”