Ford Freshmen at Home

Iqra Shakeel

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Ford freshmen are stuck at home for their first year of high school and leaning virtually.

“Virtual feels better than actual school,” Kaylee Fox said. “I have the comfort of being in my own house rather than being surrounded with people I do not know and places that I am unfamiliar with.”

Not everyone is happy being at home.

“It is a bit sad being online my first year of high school,” Ryan Snider said. “I was hoping to meet new people and participate in after school activities.”

Teachers prefer having students in the classroom over them being online.

“I would rather have my students in class,” Ford AP World History teacher William Szlaga said. “Students need the day-to-day interactions with teachers and their peers. I cannot wait to be able to get back to that in my class.”

Either or is good for freshmen.

“I do not mind virtual,” Nathan Ziskie said. “I like all my teachers, so it is nice to have teachers that I usually would not get if I did not choose virtual.”

Students like having their classmates from all over the district even though they are online.

“Having classmates from all around is great,” Taylor Mayer said. “It serves as a perfect opportunity to make new friends.

Finally making it to high school is a stepping stone for freshmen.

“A student’s freshman year is one of the most important,” Szlaga said. “It is the beginning of a student’s high school career where their grades actually matter.”

Teachers hope their students can explore other aspects of high school in the future.

“Though it is not a conventional year, I am glad the students can still learn and meet each other even if it is virtual,” says Ford English 9 teacher Alyssa Pouliot said. “Hopefully, next year will go differently so students can experience the other aspects of high school, like sports, games, the school store and pep assemblies.”