Favorite Places to See Christmas Decorations

Anna Saputo

The magical season of Christmas is especially enjoyed by those who go out to appreciate the holiday decorations.

Venturing out to view Christmas décor around town are beloved family traditions for some.

“It has been a tradition in my family to walk around Downtown Rochester during the Christmas festival,” Utica junior Emily Phillips said. “We enjoy the lights covering the buildings and all the events that take place there.”

Visiting and receiving inspiration from the different Christmas decorations in alternative locations are other traditions.

“My favorite places to go see Christmas decorations are neighborhoods because I like to see how others decorate their homes,” Eisenhower senior Abby Oleski said. “I also like decorating because it is a creative way to get into the holiday spirit.”

Creative decorating is something people look forward to every year.

“I love Christmas lights, so I have to put some up every year,” Utica sophomore Lauryn Mangenje said. “I decorate for Christmas annually and it brings back memories of making homemade ornaments and listening to Christmas music while we work. It is also entertaining to look at everyone else’s decorations.”

Christmas decorations have a personal significance to those who reflect on the special, bittersweet moments that were shared with loved ones in the past.

“Christmas decorations make me feel very happy and totally in the Christmas spirit, but they also make me remember all the past Christmas’s with my family and friends,” Utica senior Maria Suffredini said. “Looking back on those happy memories make me really grateful for those moments and experiences I had.”

The love and special impact of Christmas decorations in people’s lives are much valued.

“Christmas decorations are a visual reminder to people about the meaning of the season and represent hope, joy, kindness and a giving spirit,” Lisa Oleski, parent of Eisenhower senior Abby Oleski, said. “I enjoy decorating both the outside of the house and the inside. The holidays bring family, people and communities together – something that is needed more in our lives.”