The Importance of College Education 

Aubree Owens, Editor-In-Chief

The standards for teens are constantly changing and getting higher. Straight out of high school it is now an expectation for students to go to college. While it can be stressful trying to get into a college, education comes with many benefits.  

In going to college, an individual opens hundreds of new doors for their future.  One of the many benefits of going to college is the wide range of options an individual gets to choose from when going into the workforce.  

According to Georgetown University article “Career Opportunities (2018), 63 percent of jobs in the United States in 2018 required postsecondary education.  

Jobs that require a postsecondary education end up being easier to get into once attending college. This proves going to college offers more job opportunities than for those that do not get a postsecondary education.   

The SeattlePi article, “How Will Succeeding at College Be Benefical?” (2016) by Dr. Mary Dowd, she writes, “College provides an opportunity to acquire hands-on training, internships, leadership experience and technical proficiency to help you land a job and advance your career.”  

College debt is also related to how a person goes about paying for their college. If a student waits to pay it until after they graduate and choose to make small payments, they will be paying off their debt longer than those who pay more or pay while in school. 

While college can be expensive, it can be paid off quicker than most realize. The cost of the education brings in more income in the long run. 

Switching from a high school with only the kids from around the community to a university with students from all over the country allows individuals to be introduced to new views and ways of life. 

 Dowd writes, “Students make lifelong friends and close personal connections in college. You will be introduced to exciting new ideas, global perspectives and social issues. Discussions with diverse professors and peers will influence your goals and worldview. Joining campus organizations, like student government, will teach you about teamwork, communication and leadership.”  

While students are exposed to people of different cultures, religions and ethnicities in high school they are exposed again on a large scale. The exposure in college is more impactful because by this age, students can develop their own opinions and are exposed to thoughts and point of views that have never been thought of.  

For families that shelter their children, this gives students the opportunity to be exposed to reality and become their own person. 

Without a college education, getting a job becomes much more difficult as the qualifications for getting a job are much higher, including experience and an education. 

 Experience can be hard to get for a lot of individuals going into certain work forces. With going to college, students are getting experience alongside of an education. 

 Students going through a college program get a step ahead of other individuals applying for the same jobs.  

While a large concern of going to college is the amount of money spent on the education and being in a debt that seems never-ending, students that have a college education get paid more in the workforce.  

According to an article done by PEW Research Center “Higher Earnings” (2018), bachelor’s degree holders typically earn $1.42 million before retirement compared with $770,000 earned by most high school graduates. 

It has also been found that starting salaries are higher for those with a college education and the amount is also trending up. The article from the National Association of Colleges and Employers “Perks Make A Difference” (2017) writes. “Class of 2017 earned an average annual starting salary of $45,327; 2.4 percent more than starting salaries earned by Class of 2016. 

 While the money spent on a college education can be impactful, individuals with a post-secondary education get paid more. 

The idea of college nowadays is frightening to students as it is expected for them to go. While teens need to make the switch from students to adults and make their own decisions on what is best for them, getting a college education gets individuals a step ahead of others with hundreds of opportunities and lifelong lessons under their belt.