Habits Developed Over Quarantine

Alberto Vasquez

    During quarantine and after months of mostly staying inside, people have developed new habits that are good and bad and have affected their daily lives. 

     One bad habit I developed is going on my phone a lot because I get less sleep and less schoolwork done, Utica junior Caroline Bernardi said. “One good habit I developed is better self-care strategies. 

     People have become more dependent on technology to keep them entertained. 

     “One habit I picked up was going on my phone a lot more,” Eisenhower sophomore Emeli Cook said. “I feel like staying inside has made it worse because I feel like being outside would cause me not to use my phone as much. 

     Staying inside brought on new habits not done before Covid-19. 

     One habit I developed over quarantine was staying up late,” Stevenson sophomore Alden Kachal said. “Staying inside has made me less active and less excited then I used to be.  

     Trying for good habits helps cover the bad. 

     Since the spring, I have been usually taking my dog for a threemile walk after school daily,” Henry Ford II teacher Mark Julien said. “One negative habit I developed was eating tomuch junk food.”